Word Party


A fast and free singleplayer/multiplayer word puzzle based on the best from Scrabble and Word Search.

Use your brilliant word skills by construct the most scoring words, based on Scrabble rules. You and your opponent starts with the same collection of words, where you will compete to create the best words. Go for the gold (x3) and silver (x2) letters, and miscellaneous letters. The results will present to the world in the High Score list.

It use the Scrabble score system and drag'n'drop tile placement, but without crosswords and vertical/horizontal line placement. You do Word Search but you can pick the letters from different places and/or layers, not from a 'line'.


Both single player and multi player support.

Scrabble and Word Search comes togheter.

High score.

In-game news blog.

Drag and drop tiles.

Time Zone - All US time zones (except Hawaii/Alaska), Central European Time (Berlin/Paris/Rome) and UK.

Choose from 48 to 216 letter game (from 2 to 9 layers).

Tile color categories for fast tile search.

Invite your friends to your contact list.

Word Cup, challenge other players in a cup

Play multiple simultaneous games.

Get social and chat during play.

Massive english dictionary with british, canadian and american variations.

Customize your game board with color themes.

Continues upgrades on existing and new features.

Avaliable on Android, from 2.1.


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